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Dry ice blaster Tech 35K

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Dry ice blaster Tech-35K


Environmental friendly cleaning method and economic operating time, designed to minimize the noise in ergonomically design and to save the cost of management.


  • Model: Tech-35K
  • Size ( L×W×H): 680×520×830(mm)
  • Weight: 110kgs
  • Capacity of Hopper: 35kgs
  • Pellet feed rate: 0∼2.5kg/min
  • Air pressure: 3∼9.8kg/ cm²
  • Air consumption: 3m ³/min
  • Gun switch: Purge button/continuous injection System
  • Blasting air hose: 3/4 inch
  • Motor type: 0.75KW91hp)/ control inverter speed
  • Power spec: Single phase 220V, 3A/60Hz
  • Power cord: 1.5S, 3P, 5m(built in power cable)


  1. Eco-friendly cleaning process
  2. Economic cleaning time
  3. Dry cleaning method to work
  4. None secondary pollutant
  5. Convenience to replace of nozzle
  6. Smooth control of dry ice by the best feeder tech
  7. Designed to minimize the noise
  8. Superior ability to clean in the wide range
  9. Installation of a hanger of hose to manage in convenience
  10. Easy to replace of nozzle by applications
  11. Installation of purge switch
  12. Function to prevent of pellet clogging
  13. Assembled to a sheath pack for prevention from the scratch of gun cable and blasting hose
  14. Application of pressure control system to fuel metering
  15. Installation 8 inch caster to moving in soft
  16. Equipped with automatic power cable reel
  17. Anti-static function
  18. Installation of a gas absorber to smooth for hopper do or
  19. Ergonomic design