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Dry ice blaster Tech 25

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Dry ice blaster Tech-25


Techclean dry ice blasting machines are designed for easy
Cleaning with lower ice consumption and higher flexibility and mobility.


  • Model: Tech-25
  • Size ( L×W×H): 620×380×827(mm)
  • Weight: 80kgs
  • Capacity of Hopper: 25kgs
  • Pellet feed rate: 0∼2.5kg/min
  • Air pressure: 3∼9.8kg/ cm²
  • Gun switch: Purge button/continuous injection System
  • Blasting air hose: 3/4 inch
  • Motor type: 0.75KW91hp)/ control inverter speed
  • Power spec: Single phase 220V, 3A/60Hz
  • Power cord: 1.5S, 3P, 5m(External type power cable)


  1. Designed to minimize the noise
  2. Compact size with light weight
  3. Better cleaning function to plastic mold and facilities
  4. Installation on purge switch
  5. Function to prevent of pellet clogging
  6. Assembling to a sheath pack for prevention from the scratch of gun cable and blasting hose
  7. Convenience to replace of nozzle
  8. Installation a gas absorber bar to smooth for hopper Door
  9. Installation of a hanger of hose to manage in convenience